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The hotel career of Gianluca Scialfa begins at a young age in their  family pension in Cesenatico, where from the very first years of life, he exudes and breathes that innate ability to make hospitality. His career, at the age of fourteen, takes  him to Germany where he will find employment as a barman. This experience, as well as boosting its technical expertise in the food and beverage industry  and its language skills, allows it to observe a wider hotel management than the typical family management in Romagna. Part of this journey  to Paris, here you will find work in a 5 Star Hotel, as a waiter. This new adventure will enable him to learn the most advanced room service techniques as well as the management of a round-the-clock catering service. But don’t forgetting  his Romagna, a deeply beloved land, that  whom he feels indissolubly bound and, in the summer season, he continue to work in the family pension in Cesenatico. His passion for the world of hospitality, his experiences abroad, which enabled him to acquire highly technical and specialized skills, make him, at the age of eighteen, leave his family pension to continue his work experience in other Hotel facilities of the Riviera Romagnola.

  1. 1990

    These experiences complement his  professional figure and in 1990, at the age of twenty-five, he  began his career as a hotelier with the opening of her first hotel.

  2. 1995

    He is a great connoisseur of the global tourism market and always aware of the innovations, in 1995 he is the first hotelier to introduce the "All Inclusive" treatment in the Riviera Romagnola.

  3. 2004

    In 2004 he founded Blue Lido Hotels together with his trusted friend, Emilio Montaguti, who, thanks to years of experience as a hotel manager among the best foreign resorts and as artistic director on cruise ships, will greatly contribute to creating the "value" of the company , Bringing in all the know-how of entertainment and entertainment.

    The new company will handle the Hotel San Pietro **** in Cesenatico and will purchase three small hotels and 6,000 square meters of adjacent  park.The block will be transformed into the Metropolitan Village of Cesenatico thus introducing a new element of innovation in the Riviera Romagnola, the tourist resort, type of organization and management up to that time prerogative of the Italian and foreign Tour Operators only. The Metropolitan Village was, and is today, characterized by a well-defined management choice, namely to enhance the first "value" of the Italians, namely the family. And here children come to Blue Lido as the most important element around which all services will be developed, aimed at making small guests happy and hence their mothers.

  4. 2009

    Five years later, the company will acquire the Hotel Mokambo in Cesenatico completely reconstructing it with a desing that reflects a modern and dynamic society where it is easy to identify architectural elements of international influence from which Gianluca was inspired .... Looking at the Mokambo mind not Can not run to Miami! The management of Mokambo will be entrusted to Shore Hotels, a company created by Gianluca along with its former secretary Susanne Erculei.

    Susanne's career began in 1990 as Gianluca's secretary and later became Executive Director of two structures managed by Scialfa in 1996. Over the years, Susanne focused her attention and her studies, as well as hotel management, and staff management, recruiting and training all employees working in Shore Hotels, focusing on  excellent corporate organization Without neglecting the valorisation of the people in it, a true added value of every business reality.

    The two companies have  been studying and watching the tourism market and its dynamics over the years. A world constantly subject to evolutions and changes, especially with the advent of new web technologies that have transformed not only the way people choose and buy, but also their lifestyle.

  5. 2016

    In order to respond to the most personalized customization of the various needs of its customers, in 2016,  Color Holiday is founded, which will include in the management of all the hotels of the Blue Lido and Shore Hotels group with more than 150,000 customers, 500 rooms and 200 employees. Today Color Holiday offers different types of tourist offers:

    • Hotels
    • Family Hotels
    • Villages
    • Bed & breakfast


    The story continues, we will write it together every summer !!

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