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Locally grown food

The pride and joy of our hotel are the three restaurants which seek to use only locally grown food to ensure the quality and freshness of all ingredients. Experience Romagna when you eat!

There are 3 restaurants for our guests to choose from: a traditional one, one for those who love pasta, bread and pizza, and another just for children. Lastly, there is Scamporella for those who love picnics in the open air.

At Green Village cooking becomes a show! Our front cooking service will be the key to setting you free to taste whatever our chef offers. All our fruit and vegetables are grown locally!


Hotel bars:


Open bar inside the hotel, open from 10:00 am to midnight

Pool bar by the pool, open from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm

Green bar in the garden, open during the evening and shows




The convenience of not having to wait for waiters, but you have full autonomy!


The show cooking and buffet service will allow you to enjoy all our products with total freedom.


3 choice of meat and fish menus every day, cold side dishes buffet, fruit buffet, sweets buffet and draft drinks UNLIMITED !!

A generous breakfast

Whether you choose the large breakfast room or decide to enjoy our garden, the result is always the same: wake up and have your palate pampered and delighted. Fragrant sweet dishes prepared fresh each day by our pastry cook and mouth-watering savoury dishes that will whet your appetite with taste and energy. 

VERDEMELA restaurant

Restaurant offering typical Mediterranean food with international touches. 


The restaurant for little ones with a Kids menu and chef doing front cooking. Available every day at lunch and dinner, with the option to HAVE LUNCH WITH ENTERTAINMENT STAFF at a special table.


Our chef’s kids menu:

Smile chips, chicken / turkey burger,
Chicken croquettes and nuggets, frankfurter sausage and chips.


Every day at 4:00 pm there is afternoon tea for the Mini Club and Junior Club. Disposable bibs, high chairs, children’s cutlery and plates are available.


Locally grown food

To guarantee that our ingredients are safe and fresh, all our fruit and vegetables are grown locally.
We work with Romagna farmers so that we can guarantee you top quality.

Experience Romagna even when you eat!

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